At Medical Laser Systems, Inc., our team of professionals is committed to providing laser therapists and laser acupuncturists with the superior service they deserve, and with our Luminex Laser Therapy System, helping them achieve the outstanding results they are seeking.

Introducing the Luminex® Laser Therapy System, the first therapeutic laser designed to meet the needs of Low Level Laser(LLLT) therapists and acupuncturists . Patent Pending.

RMA of CT announces results of ground breaking infertility study using Luminex laser acupuncture! The Norwalk, CT clinic reported that laser acupuncture successfully improved pregnancy rates of women undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization treatment.

Click here to see the press release, and here to a link to the YouTube video detailing the study.


A review of Low Level Laser Treatment of Tendinopathy, recently published in the Journal of Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, confirms effectiveness of currently recommended doses of laser energy. Click here to see the abstract.

Recommended dosage for tendinopathy, and other conditions may be found here.


New data from the National Institutes of Health indicates that Americans spent $33.9 B out of pocket on Alternative Medicine over the past year.

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Medical Laser Systems, Inc. Announces Laser Therapy Instructional Seminars-To be announced.