Introduction to Laser Acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture is one of the fastest growing applications for laser. We have compiled a comprehensive number of links for those interested in learning more about it. We will continue to offer links that are closely related to laser acupuncture in the future.

Laser for Acupuncture Links

National Cancer Institute definition of “Laser Acupuncture”

Dr. Jose Vargas’ article in “Medical Acupuncture”

Medical Acupuncture Journal with Dr. Stump Clinical Results for Laser Acupuncture,.

Dr. Margaret Naeser’s work on laser acupuncture

Dr. Naeser’s introduction to Laser Acupuncture website

Dr. Naeser’s Laser Acupuncture for CTS website

Medical Acupuncture Journal Article, “Biological Effects of Laser Acupuncture”

Position paper of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College on Laser Acupuncture, with great references and detail about biological and physiological effects.

Page with links to all but the most recent of Dr. David Rindge’s “Laser Acupuncture” articles for Acupuncture Today

David Rindge’s most recent article for Acupuncture Today

Medical Laser Systems Summary of CTS Clinical Trial Results

Study Application of Laser Acupuncture in children with Cerebral Palsy, impressive results

Dr. Bill Kneebone discusses Laser Acupuncture in Practial Pain Management