Medical Laser Systems, Inc. will continue to provide the latest studies and publications relating to laser therapy protocols to promote effective laser therapy. Visit our site often to take stay up to date with your protocols. These references are provided for information purposes only, and are not intended to render medical advice or promotion of the usage of Medical Laser Systems laser product.

Margaret Naeser, PhD, provides a suggested protocol for treatment of Alopecia Areata. in particular conditions within the last two years where hair has come out in "bunches."

WALT (World Association for Laser Therapy)ses dosage recommendations for 780-860 nm lasers to treat common musculoskeletal conditions.

WALT (World Association for Laser Therapy) releases dosage recommendations for 904nm super-pulsed lasers to treat common musculoskeletal conditions.

Recommendations for treating Pain, from Dr. Kevin Moore, Dept of Anesthesia, Royal Oldham Hospital, UK.

Dr. Bill Kneebone discusses Laser Therapy and pain relief strategies in Practical Pain Management.

National Acupuncture Detoxification Association's(NADA) acupuncture protocol is used around the world to help people deal with and recover from substance abuse. This protocol is useful for all types of addictions, including smoking, food, and all types of controlled substances.

Dr. David Williamson, Chiropractic Physician shares his treatment guidelines using laser for common conditions.

Dr. Jan Tuner shares his recommedations for treating TMD and TMJ with laser.

Ann Thelander, A.U.A. (Dipl Physio) discusses lymphoedema and provides a protocol for treatment of lymphatic obstructions using laser therapy. This can be helpful for patients who are recovering from radiation therapy caused lymphedema.